When there is No Time – stop and realise how much Time there is…

I am moving house in 9 days – I am sitting surrounded by boxes and stuff that needs sorting – I love to re-cycle so I cannot just bin or tip things that may be of use to others.
My son sent me an email and said write another blog between 11 am and 12 noon today – on anything he said – so the first thought was “I don’t have time” look at the state of everywhere but I am doing it and realising I do have time to complete my days tasks and write a blog – and take stuff to charity shops and tip – All I need to do is plan 
My house move has been a 5 phase plan – I have brought back organisational skills I had forgotten I possessed – having numerous bouts of illness over the last 10 years had led me to believe I am no longer the Capable – go get em Gill Fell , but a tired unproductive me …. My 5 phase plan is working well and what’s more – what seemed to be a mammoth task has been sliced up into achievable pieces.
I did have to express the need for help with the job and all I did was ask and the right help came and with 9 days to go – I know that with my energy activation programme in place I can really achieve it all.
It’s not all been plain sailing though – I’ve had a few melt downs and a few situations to deal with – but I know that I can cope – better than cope I have found myself again …… Like the cheese who looked in the mirror and said
HELLO Me (lol)
But how much time to we have ?  Very little on this earth so in the spirit of making the most of each minute – I am going to say that I am going to have more fun today than a typical house move Monday should bring because I am going to be grateful for every minute ……..
So excuse the boxes and the mess – here is a short clip of my son playing Sax (not practised for a while) and 2 singing / howling dogs – go Placidly amidst the notice and the Haste …. 

We took a few minutes amongst the mess for joy and  created a memory 

So my message is – make the time for the things you love – break down a massive job into smaller portions – don’t let other people mess with your plans and mental health – stay happy – stay grateful 
See your mission and look forward to the results but really enjoy your journey along the way.
Much love to you as always
I am running retreats and workshops this year – keep in touch for details –  FELLY 👊😜💝


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