Show your real beauty through your Human Spirit

We are all scarred by something or somebody and after just attending a beautiful presentation at the end of an entrepreneurs day of inspiration and empowerment, Katie Piper has reminded me that anything is possible.
Katie was a 24 year old happy go lucky girl who was burnt by acid as she walked along a busy London Street.  Her story is one of pain, physical and mental.  She has touched my emotions and given me the inspiration to write in her honour a small post.
During her talk she showed picture images of the burns and you could clearly see the destruction of her skin and features – as she relayed the story of this bad time in her life she used words that I have said myself, I felt a profound affinity with her.
Katie made decisions, strong decisions to think differently and to change the way she thought.

I can hear my own words coming out of this brilliant woman, silent tears ran down my face  – I could feel her pain – I could feel my own !
I’ve been running empowering meetups now for over 12 months and after listening to this great woman I know that I am on the right track  – I have more in common with her than I thought,we both have a love of crisp sandwiches and she quoted words from a serenity prayer – which I know as the Deserata – it was on placed on the wall in our toilet when I was growing up.  We both have scars.

Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there can be in silence …..

She is without doubt one of the bravest and most beautiful people I have ever seen and I really hope to aspire to being a fraction as beautiful as her – because as she says real beauty radiates from the human spirit – so as I age I will accept my lines those you can see and those which are hidden.  I will focus on my inner beauty and not battle to change that which I cannot.
We are blessed with choice, to smile or cry – I choose to smile – like she does, like so many who choose to smile In the face of real adversity 

Follow Katie @katiepiper. @KPFoundation

Let Your Human Spirit Shine 💝 so much love to you


4 thoughts on “Show your real beauty through your Human Spirit

  1. I love this post Felly 🙂
    I would have loved more of what Katy Piper said that seems to have moved you so deeply,
    yet I dont need to know, for Happy is she who believes without seeing.
    The message is profoundly clear. See your inner beauty, Let your Inner man shine and all is well.

    Thank you for sharing


    1. Thanks Julie, I think her attitude was so positive – she made a decision to think herself well – she is well worth a follow – her speech resonated with me deep in my heart and soul – because I am scarred physically and I allowed myself to feel the pain of not having the body I once did and I realised that I’ve done so well – it sometimes feels wrong to congratulate yourself – comparing your own scars with those of others – not what I usually do – every word she spoke I had heard before from me –

      It backed me up – I willed her to get through her presentation – I never took one single picture of how my scars looked after surgery

      I realised that’s because I never want to look back

      Keep moving forward – feel total compassion for others and see the good and feel the love

      You are so special

      Thank you Julie ❤️🌹


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