Think Awesome be Awesome

I am a fortunate person-  now I’m even more fortunate than a minute ago 

And now, at the age of 54, finally, I know that all is well – really well – so well, that it has cherries on top well – 

without changing anything in my world – I have not had a big euro millions win (yet!!!) I have shifted what was my wealth status, what was my health status, my happiness status……

without changing anything ……. I have gone from being average in everyway to being …. 

Well frankly 

Super wealthy – super healthy – damm good looking – fit – gorgeous – superb body and flipping great at what ever I choose !!!!

Big head I hear some of you say ( those who are still catching up) – now I smile because I want you to feel this good too.
I can see the awesomeness in you ❤️
So how did I manage to become so awesome?
I started to think awesome – and guess what Awesome things start to happen – I know that if I didn’t eat a biscuit or drink a glass of wine I could be a few pounds lighter – 

being positive does not mean I think I am perfect…….  But saying that I am perfect for who I am,right here right now 
But then again – who’s going to judge me? you?   Ha ha go ahead – send me a comment
Self admiration is a wonderful gift.  –  give this gift to yourself now – tell yourself how absolutely amazing you are. Don’t be bothered what others my think of you – just love the fabulous person you are 


Think awesome –    Be Awesome


2 thoughts on “Think Awesome be Awesome

  1. I love this awesome snippet Felly!
    I totally agree that you are super awesome and we all are if would just get out of our own ways and accept how awesome we are.

    Its sad to see people put themselves down and claim they simply cant or wont do that to enhance their lives.
    Keep rocking.
    Glad to see your Blog again!


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