A Priceless friendship with a princess called Penny

As I am writing about inspirational people, I cannot miss the opportunity to write about a beautiful soul mate who passed away 2 weeks ago.

Penny Fell was a Shy princess Blue Merl cross Border Collie, who came into our lives when she was only a puppy aged about 7 months.
I remember collecting her from an awful house in Norris Green in Liverpool – she was shaking and scared and needed a good home.
We asked Animal Aid could we adopt her and after checking our home they agreed.  We decided to integrate her with our other border collie on our local field – where she immediately slipped out of her collar and ran off – it was only the athletic ability of a friends son that enabled us to track her to a garden, cowering in the corner where my husband coaxed her out – she got to our home where she immediately panicked and ran through the house into the pond out the other side and hid under a tree !!!!! And we had rescued her … Crikey I thought she was safer in the othe place, I had seriously underestimated the pain of this little dog.
For 2 weeks we had to basically corner her to get her in for meals and bed time- I did think at one stage that she was “too far gone” for us to help her.  It was my husband who said that we should give her more time, and we all agreed as a family that we would help this little scared dog.
Luckily, because I was home the most and did more training and walks she very quickly became my dog, following me everywhere, if I was up she was up and we became the best of mates.
Everyone loved her and found it a pleasing challenge if she came to them for a stroke – she was very choosy, but she gave people great pleasure allowing the occasional stroke.
She loved food and treats so if you were patient enough she would bug you for hours doing her party tricks, turned out she was a very intelligent dog catching on to Paw,  lie, roll over etc very quickly


She loved chasing the ball and outran the other dog – basically she started loving life again and she was a pleasure to take out even if she did put the other dogs in their place occasionally (all the time) 

She was a wonderful therapy dog to me as I spent a lot of time recovering from illness – sometimes I would just be lying of the sofa and I would reach down and there she would be – ready for a pat or just a loving look
She was always there for me

She loved chasing the hose pipe and we would let her run around the garden biting the water – she was also a talented singer – she did duets with our other dog to the badly played saxophone or harmonica

Every morning she greeted me excitedly and we would exchange some high pitch mews – we understood each other – the feeling was mutual

It was so sad when she was diagnosed with kidney disease and so hard to let go of her to make sure she didn’t suffer

I was with her until her last breath and she will be in my heart always – 

I know she was more than “just a dog”.  She was our friend a best Friend,, 
 A perfect friend – loyal and dependable, loving and kind

So thankyou Penny – you are a princess now caring and confident hopefully with a prince and lots of love

precious Penny –      Thankyou 



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