My little chat with Mother Nature And the music of a master 

I am pleased to say that I have 2 people to chat to in the next few weeks, they have very kindly agreed to me asking a few questions about their lives their loves and I know that they will inspire you as much as they have already inspired me.  But for now 😜
This snippet is a small insignificant sharing of a few feelings and thoughts I have whilst I am sitting in my mini atop Clieves Hill in the great North West of England.
It’s a blustery May evening, it’s also been a wet and dark day with little patches of brilliant sunshine. ..that’s the first peak of inspiration to draw from nature …those little patches of sunshine. 

I came up here because last week I had the most amazing meeting with nature and music – sat right here – I had visited the grave of my father and decided to pay him homage by playing one of his favourite classical pieces of music – driving through the country roads playing Rachmaninov piano concerto No 2, I started to feel a power within.  A crazy good empowerment, the type of excited good feeling I imagine I will have when I win the Euro millions 🙂 
The feeling……… That feeling of sheer at one’ness with myself and nature … The feeling of “damm I’m Good” – it doesn’t happen often so you really should notice it when it does happen.

..  I decided to park on top of Clieves Hill and play the piece again. See if I could advance this state of being 

The music starts slowly with a flowing melody and works itself up to a dynamic chrechendo that engulfs every emotion you may feel. 

You may not know that Sergi Rachmaninov suffered depression, ( sorry not just depression “Clinical Depression” -( that’s a bad place ), when he wrote this music, which is deemed to be his most significant achievement.  

As I listened I could feel the emotions with each bar wrote.

Listening easily I started to notice the fields of green flowing as if in time with the ebb and flow of the piece, my eyes gazed with a hopeful heart that Mother Nature always finds a way, Sergi dedicated this piece to his physician who had helped him develop his self confidence so much.   Dr Nikolai Dahl helped him with Hypnotherapy – brain training.  So the great Sergi Rachmaninov trained his brain in order to feel better. amazing !! So we are on the right track with our mind training 
Why indeed would a man so talented lack self confidence?  Why does anyone suffer depression because of lack of confidence? 

This is a question that one can only ask and answer from within.

So I say in my insignificant way – please listen to Sergi’s music and get into a place of freedom – physically or mentally – search easily for the one’ness of you, find your freedom, relax and flow into your own personal brand of brilliance- and let his music wash away any self doubts – let each note flow over and through you until you cry out that you are an amazing piece of the world we live in, you are a significant  in every way and an overwhelming piece of the natural jigsaw we call life.
Love yourself,  did you blow on the dandelions to find out what time it is?  The time is now – the time is yours and mine, this time is all we have. Together in this world – like Mother Nature – flowing and gliding into new beginnings
Find your nature – rely on your abilities – you are the one ! you really are
Listen and listen again to the message Sergi was giving to us all – be at one with yourself 

Listen and look easily at the huge awe inspiring work of Mother Nature  – blow the dandelions again
Because the sun sets and the sun rises on a new dawn as a sure thing. –  trust that new dawn will take you higher, trust that the new day will bring you a wonderful sense of belonging – 
You are here. Right now.  Free yourself from the chains of control – have fun – have more fun, then have some more. 
Know you are loved – loving nature – watch it evolve and change with every element with every path it’s thrown on to – nature finds a way

We will, like Sergi find a way
Sing, paint, dance, knit……… Find your freedom
I tried to capture the essence of the feeling with a 5 minute video – the wind kind of ruined it –  remember I am learning and here I am,  Gill Fell, with the confidence to push Publish and invite you into my mind and world.

A few photos instead

The Great Universe



Have confidence

Have fun

“There is so much love for you here” 


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