To Blog or Not to Blog ……. That is the question…..

I’ve wondered about writing a blog for quite some time, but I really had no clue why or how to do it.

I am hoping to be interviewing some great people “the good the bad and the ugly” , well it’s all a matter of opinion and that’s what I am after, other people’s opinions, thoughts and inspirational snippets of brilliance.

So because of no interviewee, I will ramble on about a few things that flow here.  The title of the first blog is a question, and the thing is  why do we question ourselves so much?
Would we ever achieve anything if we listened to the negative self talk that our heads like to natter about?

Having confidence is what we need, think about what you want to do then have a go…. Hence me blogging this today. I have found the confidence and activated my energy to make a start.

Recruit people to help you, thanks to my son I have it all set up and ready to go.  Basically just Ask, and as if by magic you will get an answer.

This is where I am sitting today writing this. I’m in Pret a Manger in Newcastle city centre, the sun is suing and a saxophonist is playing some mellow vibes – 

Newcastle is a place I want to feel familiar with, because my beautiful daughter will be working and living here for a year from July.

If you have not been, it’s a fab place –  the streets are clean the shops are a bit too nice and the natives seem very friendly.

I’m proud of being from Liverpool, strangely I am feeling an affinity with the Newcastle folk. I love the accent and everyone has impeccable manners. 

I was raised with good manners and love to hear the T word, THANKYOU –   I use this word so much now,  looking for things to be grateful for – as I strongly believe that “Gratitude is the Attitude ” and when you start to appreciate what you have you realise you have more than you think.

So what do you have to be Thankful for?  If nothing else … This new Blog (ha ha) now that’s a bit desperate, but I will try to give you a giggle or something else to inspire you to a better feeling place.    Here’s someone else’s ideas on how and why to be thankful.

As I don’t want to bore you or over face you with this first attempt, I will wind  up with these words

My family are the people I am the most thankful for.  They have stood by me through 3 diagnosis of the horrid disease Cancer and have been more than rocks – boulders or even mountains – so the Big T word to you guys

It may take me a few days or so to get an interview but I will try my best. Watch out – it could be you !!!!!!!
Until then THANKYOU all for reading this and I know my Blogging skills will improve as I learn new tricks
I have just spent the last hour talking to a very nice chap …… So I actually did get to meet someone inspirational who taught me about Llama wool and where to go in Newcastle – where to get great fish and chips and we had a great chat about seeing life through the eye of a camera lens …. focus on the small stuff and the beautiful detail … Nice advice – here he is …

pic Martin Dunne photographer 

YES …… Do your proverbial BLOG






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