When there is No Time – stop and realise how much Time there is…

I am moving house in 9 days – I am sitting surrounded by boxes and stuff that needs sorting – I love to re-cycle so I cannot just bin or tip things that may be of use to others.
My son sent me an email and said write another blog between 11 am and 12 noon today – on anything he said – so the first thought was “I don’t have time” look at the state of everywhere but I am doing it and realising I do have time to complete my days tasks and write a blog – and take stuff to charity shops and tip – All I need to do is plan 
My house move has been a 5 phase plan – I have brought back organisational skills I had forgotten I possessed – having numerous bouts of illness over the last 10 years had led me to believe I am no longer the Capable – go get em Gill Fell , but a tired unproductive me …. My 5 phase plan is working well and what’s more – what seemed to be a mammoth task has been sliced up into achievable pieces.
I did have to express the need for help with the job and all I did was ask and the right help came and with 9 days to go – I know that with my energy activation programme in place I can really achieve it all.
It’s not all been plain sailing though – I’ve had a few melt downs and a few situations to deal with – but I know that I can cope – better than cope I have found myself again …… Like the cheese who looked in the mirror and said
HELLO Me (lol)
But how much time to we have ?  Very little on this earth so in the spirit of making the most of each minute – I am going to say that I am going to have more fun today than a typical house move Monday should bring because I am going to be grateful for every minute ……..
So excuse the boxes and the mess – here is a short clip of my son playing Sax (not practised for a while) and 2 singing / howling dogs – go Placidly amidst the notice and the Haste …. 

We took a few minutes amongst the mess for joy and  created a memory 

So my message is – make the time for the things you love – break down a massive job into smaller portions – don’t let other people mess with your plans and mental health – stay happy – stay grateful 
See your mission and look forward to the results but really enjoy your journey along the way.
Much love to you as always
I am running retreats and workshops this year – keep in touch for details –  FELLY 👊😜💝


 How life can change – even if it’s only in your head 

Two years ago I was told that I had incurable disease and no chance of a liver transplant and here I am alive and kicking sitting on a beach writing a blog on an ipad i didnt own listening to the funky sounds of a salsa class mixed subtly with the lapping waves rolling up onto the white sandy beach a place I never thought I would ever see … Oh also with the man who has provided all this and more for me – wow – my life is so much better than it was before … Or is it ?

 Has my life changed or was it just like this before but I wasn’t paying attention ? 

I had always taken a pride in how fit I was and my body image was important to me but I rarely paid any attention to how I was thinking if ever.
My pace of life was fast- I liked to progress to be challenged in order to feel successful – drive a better car, 

I admit that I was looking for status in life – more money, holidays and better bigger homes.
I worked 70 hours a week at one job and started to feel extremely stressed but the money was great so I continued –
This is where I started to unhinge my health
I became a puppet to my boss
I became a mental wreck
I felt out of control and envious of those around me who seemed to have so much more.

I was critical of myself and others
After breast cancer I prayed I would be spared disease – but 5 years later I developed problems and had a hysterectomy-then a Stomach Tumour grew and then the diagnosis of Incurable Cancer in my liver.
Oh heck …. At first the news was hard hitting and it was only then I knew I had to change myself from being in this spiral of bad health ….. This is where my journey of better started
As I stand on the beach I allow myself a moment of … Phew I’m here and healthy-  
I’m not going to get into the diet I did and still do in this blog but the best bit 

I learned to meditate – I’ve never been spiritual or religious – I know that meditation is a science and I love the way it has changed me 
So here I am looking at Palm trees and turquoise sea – it’s easy here – yes because away from the stresses of life you can clear your head of chatter but the clever thing is how to do this at home – in your normal day to day life
I’m looking around me and know I’m not the fattest or thinnest the fittest or whatever – what I know is – I don’t need to waste my time being the judge of all –
The confident people are here looking very different from each other – I feel invisible – my scars don’t matter (I have a zip down my stomach) – I can embrace the differences in People without it mattering to me – I see people and know all is often not what it seems – for pain and knowledge are also like me invisible
So I take this moment to share with you the absolute fact that meditation has saved my health – made me be grateful for my wealth and best of all given me the opportunity to appreciate each moment of my life – 
I want to retain a level of happiness – no matter what – I know I can cope with pain – words of others – my own self criticism and that of others
I am re- inventing myself 
If you want to do the same I will just say to you – go for it – have some fun and Know you are awesome
Be You – Be Free  

 Be You Be Free 


Show your real beauty through your Human Spirit

We are all scarred by something or somebody and after just attending a beautiful presentation at the end of an entrepreneurs day of inspiration and empowerment, Katie Piper has reminded me that anything is possible.
Katie was a 24 year old happy go lucky girl who was burnt by acid as she walked along a busy London Street.  Her story is one of pain, physical and mental.  She has touched my emotions and given me the inspiration to write in her honour a small post.
During her talk she showed picture images of the burns and you could clearly see the destruction of her skin and features – as she relayed the story of this bad time in her life she used words that I have said myself, I felt a profound affinity with her.
Katie made decisions, strong decisions to think differently and to change the way she thought.

I can hear my own words coming out of this brilliant woman, silent tears ran down my face  – I could feel her pain – I could feel my own !
I’ve been running empowering meetups now for over 12 months and after listening to this great woman I know that I am on the right track  – I have more in common with her than I thought,we both have a love of crisp sandwiches and she quoted words from a serenity prayer – which I know as the Deserata – it was on placed on the wall in our toilet when I was growing up.  We both have scars.

Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there can be in silence …..

She is without doubt one of the bravest and most beautiful people I have ever seen and I really hope to aspire to being a fraction as beautiful as her – because as she says real beauty radiates from the human spirit – so as I age I will accept my lines those you can see and those which are hidden.  I will focus on my inner beauty and not battle to change that which I cannot.
We are blessed with choice, to smile or cry – I choose to smile – like she does, like so many who choose to smile In the face of real adversity 

Follow Katie @katiepiper. @KPFoundation

Let Your Human Spirit Shine 💝 so much love to you

Think Awesome be Awesome

I am a fortunate person-  now I’m even more fortunate than a minute ago 

And now, at the age of 54, finally, I know that all is well – really well – so well, that it has cherries on top well – 

without changing anything in my world – I have not had a big euro millions win (yet!!!) I have shifted what was my wealth status, what was my health status, my happiness status……

without changing anything ……. I have gone from being average in everyway to being …. 

Well frankly 

Super wealthy – super healthy – damm good looking – fit – gorgeous – superb body and flipping great at what ever I choose !!!!

Big head I hear some of you say ( those who are still catching up) – now I smile because I want you to feel this good too.
I can see the awesomeness in you ❤️
So how did I manage to become so awesome?
I started to think awesome – and guess what Awesome things start to happen – I know that if I didn’t eat a biscuit or drink a glass of wine I could be a few pounds lighter – 

being positive does not mean I think I am perfect…….  But saying that I am perfect for who I am,right here right now 
But then again – who’s going to judge me? you?   Ha ha go ahead – send me a comment
Self admiration is a wonderful gift.  –  give this gift to yourself now – tell yourself how absolutely amazing you are. Don’t be bothered what others my think of you – just love the fabulous person you are 


Think awesome –    Be Awesome

A Priceless friendship with a princess called Penny

As I am writing about inspirational people, I cannot miss the opportunity to write about a beautiful soul mate who passed away 2 weeks ago.

Penny Fell was a Shy princess Blue Merl cross Border Collie, who came into our lives when she was only a puppy aged about 7 months.
I remember collecting her from an awful house in Norris Green in Liverpool – she was shaking and scared and needed a good home.
We asked Animal Aid could we adopt her and after checking our home they agreed.  We decided to integrate her with our other border collie on our local field – where she immediately slipped out of her collar and ran off – it was only the athletic ability of a friends son that enabled us to track her to a garden, cowering in the corner where my husband coaxed her out – she got to our home where she immediately panicked and ran through the house into the pond out the other side and hid under a tree !!!!! And we had rescued her … Crikey I thought she was safer in the othe place, I had seriously underestimated the pain of this little dog.
For 2 weeks we had to basically corner her to get her in for meals and bed time- I did think at one stage that she was “too far gone” for us to help her.  It was my husband who said that we should give her more time, and we all agreed as a family that we would help this little scared dog.
Luckily, because I was home the most and did more training and walks she very quickly became my dog, following me everywhere, if I was up she was up and we became the best of mates.
Everyone loved her and found it a pleasing challenge if she came to them for a stroke – she was very choosy, but she gave people great pleasure allowing the occasional stroke.
She loved food and treats so if you were patient enough she would bug you for hours doing her party tricks, turned out she was a very intelligent dog catching on to Paw,  lie, roll over etc very quickly


She loved chasing the ball and outran the other dog – basically she started loving life again and she was a pleasure to take out even if she did put the other dogs in their place occasionally (all the time) 

She was a wonderful therapy dog to me as I spent a lot of time recovering from illness – sometimes I would just be lying of the sofa and I would reach down and there she would be – ready for a pat or just a loving look
She was always there for me

She loved chasing the hose pipe and we would let her run around the garden biting the water – she was also a talented singer – she did duets with our other dog to the badly played saxophone or harmonica

Every morning she greeted me excitedly and we would exchange some high pitch mews – we understood each other – the feeling was mutual

It was so sad when she was diagnosed with kidney disease and so hard to let go of her to make sure she didn’t suffer

I was with her until her last breath and she will be in my heart always – 

I know she was more than “just a dog”.  She was our friend a best Friend,, 
 A perfect friend – loyal and dependable, loving and kind

So thankyou Penny – you are a princess now caring and confident hopefully with a prince and lots of love

precious Penny –      Thankyou 


An Audience with Bill James

I knock on the door of a very tidy bungalow in Formby, to be greeted by a very well dressed man, in a very clean and tidy home which looks like a perfect film setting for a scene in Life on Mars.
“We’re not having coffee he cheerfully says, we having this”. And on the table alongside 2 small glasses is a bottle of his favourite tipple …..


 He goes on to tell me how he became so fond of this wine – He used to drink neat whiskey but his Doctor advised against it so he educated himself in wine and with the help of a friend who used to own Elton EL in Southport he found a love for Tokaji a Hungarian sweet wine ….. Which doesn’t come cheap – I felt honoured that he was sharing with me … Even though it was a Thursday at 1pm !?!?!  Live a little I thought – so sweet wine it was
I asked Bill lots of questions and he revelled in telling me about his life.
This is what I learnt.
He was born to Dotty And Stanley James in 1935 in a Liverpool Hospital, Bill doesn’t know which one.  His father worked on the docks in Liverpool and Bill had his early years growing up in Penygroes and Talysarn In North Wales.  He enjoyed his childhood very much – his father came to work during the war and returned home at the weekends.  He has fond memories of his parents – 

He believed his parents couldn’t have created another quite as good as him, so they never. He was an only child.

Being an only child gave Bill an exceptional capacity to entertain himself as even in this modern world he does not have a Television! He has the internet but doesn’t really use it – he spends his time reading and listening to his favourite music.
His family moved to Crosby when Bill was 11 and he went on to have a good education getting a chemistry degree at Liverpool Poly- he admits that he was “a bright spark, genius in disguise, a resurrection of Einstein”

His cheeky lack of modesty amuses me – there is nothing pompous about Bill – christened William Stanley – but his sense of humour he says  he’s developed over the years – I get a sense that Bill could have been very naughty As in a cheeky naughty wink wink !
His parents he says “we’re wonderful” but they were disappointed that Bill never married – 

“Did you never meet the right one” I say?

It turns out that he did have a true love but they split up when he was 20 – he was miserable after the split but had the support of good friends to get him through – he never had those deep feeling for any other girl “the magic just never happened, I didn’t want to just marry for the sake of it” 

He is a sociable very amiable person who has an ability to be extremely happy by himself, his home is tidy and his gratitude for his upbringing is immense.  
I wasn’t deprived of anything “I’ve done alright”  at 21 he was given a good  watch and a 2nd hand car – he felt rich.
Bill became a vegetarian at the age of 4 after seeing a nasty thing in a butchers but he’s never grown his own food he admits to having a gardener as he has a “pathological hatred of gardening after a failed attempt to grow mustard and cress at the age of 5 or 6” .  His garden although would not win prizes at Chealsea was neat and tidy with a few mature shrubs just like him.

Bill has had a brilliant career as an Industrial chemist working in Litherland, Zambia companies including English Electric and British Leyland he stayed at places for years but when he became unhappy somewhere he wasn’t afraid to move on – treated leaving as “sage and onion” (stuff it). Sometimes with “barbed wire on it” he chuckles 

During a spell in London he visited restaurants and became fond of “The Minion” who had a fabulous gypsy orchestra after that shut down he frequented the “Gay Hussar” in Greek St in Soho where he enjoyed Hungarian food and became good friends with the owners John and Gizella who remember Bill fondly. (I popped in to take a photo of them for him) here he met friends from Lithuania and tarted his love affair with Tokaji his favourite wine. More locally he loved Tindells in Southport and struck up friendships there too.

Now his favourite stomping ground is “woodwards or Woodies” in Formby as he calls it fondly – “I can get as far as the bus stop” and the staff in there are wonderful – he loves to sit and chat with friends and socialise

It took a massive heart attack to slow Bill down,  he thinks caused buy the overeating of cheese, being a vegetarian he admits to having a love of the stuff”. He now has cut down and makes himself nut roast and veggie burgers and soups – “simple meals on the hob” he says

I am so impressed as I really wouldn’t have a clue how to make a nut roast 

His heart attack was a serious one which left him feeling down, he had a devise fitted which gives him a shock to restart the heart if necessary – this clever devise sends data to Broad Green Hospital every 3 months – it’s incredible –  

Bills tells me of a conversation he had with a woman called Lorraine who listened to him after surgery

“She turned every negative into a positive”  ” I owe my attitude to her”

Manchester University wrote to Bill after his surgery to ask him to participate in an excercise to see how people coped with depression after a heart attack

They wrote back telling him he couldn’t participate because he “wasn’t depressed”. This is a favourite story for Bill, he has a sense of pride that he is adapting to his life changes as and when they occur.

“I do what I can, rather than Focus on what I can’t” 
I ask does he have any regrets – an immediate response “I shouldn’t have quarrelled with the girl, I didn’t make the move to go back”

What’s the moral of that story I ask him

“The moral…..Get immoral” he giggles ” Pride is your worst enemy” 

But as he doesn’t look back with sadness he gets right back to the focus of Now – he tells me he can visit “Church”

He’s actually talking about the local pub The Pinewoods, where he goes to eat with his best pal on a Saturday-  As an Athiest this is the nearest he gets to a Church – his sense of humour makes me chuckle.

he’s telling me now about his love for music

Favourite music is Verdi’s Rossini and Motzart opera’s he has a large collect of CD’s he also loves singers of the 1920’s  and 30’s in particular Ezio Pinza who is an operatic legend he gets up and plays me a track from South Pacific “Some Enchanted Evening”

I listen intently and can’t help hear the words “when you find her never let her go” I feel a sadness for Bill for how his life may have been so different – However he I know is not thinking like this, he’s just enjoying the voice.
He loves funny DVD’s Last of the Summer Wine, Open all hours, Yes Minister the 2 Ronnies and Kenn Dodd – I know his sense of humour has kept him going through this time of huge change

He reads – the library brings books and his all time favourite read is Mist over Pendle by Robert Neal “I was enchanted by it”  I make a note to read this book, but also to listen to more of Bills favourite music pieces 

He loves cats – I tell him to get one – it would be nice company – he chuckles “what if I collapse,what happens to the cat”?   I somehow don’t think that will be a problem

I really enjoy having Bill as a friend, he is a fun character who is charming, intelligent and an inspiration to us all.

Adapting to change can be difficult but Bill has the attitude I would like … focus on “what you can do”
We finish the chat with a look around – I notice this picture his friend knew of his love for this wine and painted a picture for Bill which he had framed …… It’s called 

Sacred Wine


  Bill is an Athiest so please don’t be offended that he worships wine 🙂 

He was born on the 3rd of November he says “2 days before we celebrate the best person to ever go near the Houses of Parliament ”  I see already he has a great sense of humour.

I am grateful for Bill’s chat – I went away with a sense of fun and laughter – and an intention to listen to Opera and watch the film “South Pacific ” again

My little chat with Mother Nature And the music of a master 

I am pleased to say that I have 2 people to chat to in the next few weeks, they have very kindly agreed to me asking a few questions about their lives their loves and I know that they will inspire you as much as they have already inspired me.  But for now 😜
This snippet is a small insignificant sharing of a few feelings and thoughts I have whilst I am sitting in my mini atop Clieves Hill in the great North West of England.
It’s a blustery May evening, it’s also been a wet and dark day with little patches of brilliant sunshine. ..that’s the first peak of inspiration to draw from nature …those little patches of sunshine. 

I came up here because last week I had the most amazing meeting with nature and music – sat right here – I had visited the grave of my father and decided to pay him homage by playing one of his favourite classical pieces of music – driving through the country roads playing Rachmaninov piano concerto No 2, I started to feel a power within.  A crazy good empowerment, the type of excited good feeling I imagine I will have when I win the Euro millions 🙂 
The feeling……… That feeling of sheer at one’ness with myself and nature … The feeling of “damm I’m Good” – it doesn’t happen often so you really should notice it when it does happen.

..  I decided to park on top of Clieves Hill and play the piece again. See if I could advance this state of being 

The music starts slowly with a flowing melody and works itself up to a dynamic chrechendo that engulfs every emotion you may feel. 

You may not know that Sergi Rachmaninov suffered depression, ( sorry not just depression “Clinical Depression” -( that’s a bad place ), when he wrote this music, which is deemed to be his most significant achievement.  

As I listened I could feel the emotions with each bar wrote.

Listening easily I started to notice the fields of green flowing as if in time with the ebb and flow of the piece, my eyes gazed with a hopeful heart that Mother Nature always finds a way, Sergi dedicated this piece to his physician who had helped him develop his self confidence so much.   Dr Nikolai Dahl helped him with Hypnotherapy – brain training.  So the great Sergi Rachmaninov trained his brain in order to feel better. amazing !! So we are on the right track with our mind training 
Why indeed would a man so talented lack self confidence?  Why does anyone suffer depression because of lack of confidence? 

This is a question that one can only ask and answer from within.

So I say in my insignificant way – please listen to Sergi’s music and get into a place of freedom – physically or mentally – search easily for the one’ness of you, find your freedom, relax and flow into your own personal brand of brilliance- and let his music wash away any self doubts – let each note flow over and through you until you cry out that you are an amazing piece of the world we live in, you are a significant  in every way and an overwhelming piece of the natural jigsaw we call life.
Love yourself,  did you blow on the dandelions to find out what time it is?  The time is now – the time is yours and mine, this time is all we have. Together in this world – like Mother Nature – flowing and gliding into new beginnings
Find your nature – rely on your abilities – you are the one ! you really are
Listen and listen again to the message Sergi was giving to us all – be at one with yourself 

Listen and look easily at the huge awe inspiring work of Mother Nature  – blow the dandelions again
Because the sun sets and the sun rises on a new dawn as a sure thing. –  trust that new dawn will take you higher, trust that the new day will bring you a wonderful sense of belonging – 
You are here. Right now.  Free yourself from the chains of control – have fun – have more fun, then have some more. 
Know you are loved – loving nature – watch it evolve and change with every element with every path it’s thrown on to – nature finds a way

We will, like Sergi find a way
Sing, paint, dance, knit……… Find your freedom
I tried to capture the essence of the feeling with a 5 minute video – the wind kind of ruined it –  remember I am learning and here I am,  Gill Fell, with the confidence to push Publish and invite you into my mind and world.

A few photos instead

The Great Universe



Have confidence

Have fun

“There is so much love for you here” 

Conversation with a Mad Woman….. or was that me

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week I have chosen to write a little about a fabulous woman I met in London on a rainy afternoon in November, just after my son had moved to live and work in our amazing capital city.

I think of her now because she looked to me on first glance to be as mad as a hatter. I was enjoying taking in the Christmassy London scene outside sipping an Americano, no milk or sugar ( how mad is that ?) when in walks, supported by a shopping baskety, zimmer frame, a quirky lady sporting a very amusing Christmas Pudding hat.  She catches my eye and smiles. (oops, taught not to do that in London ) ah well too late.  She orders Sushi and coffee, mince pie and I’m just about to jump up to help her carry it when one of the staff beats me too it. Full marks to the staff in Pret !

So, trying not to make anymore eye contact with the “crazy” woman, I look out of the window onto the wet but brightly lit London Tottenham Court Road, lost in my over thinking.

I was writing in my journal about my son leaving home and the proverbial nest, when she (Mad lady- as labeled by me)(is sitting directly opposite me)  asks me “what are you writing about” – Very forward and slightly disconcerting…… Anyway ask me a direct question, I’ll give you a direct answer.   So I tell her, I’m writing about my boy and me having to let go. She looks at me …… Then

She offers to buy me a coffee??? I am quite taken aback but politely accept, she joins me on my table……  (Oh crikey )

My mind goes into overdrive, Is she a clever thief (I move my bag to my other side), thinking quickly I immediately told her how lovely her hat was and she showed me a flashing raindeer brooch attatched to her cardigan… (all going well so far. Compliments warm people to you, so maybe I would be let off any torture – I would hand over my cards and run ! ) My over thinking mind going into overdrive..

Her grandchildren had made her wear that and the hat as a dare right through November and December!!!  and for a perceived “Crazy” lady she was very eloquent and sweet. And it was a particularly stylish hat as they go !

She then proceeds to give me some sound advice about letting go of my children, “let them fly, they will find their way”  I said it was a difficult thing to do. She assured me that once I had accepted that I had done a good job with my children it was my duty to let go and then live my own life.  She glanced down to my little journal and see’s that I was writing a gratitude list, as I was using Mindfulness to help with some emotional issues that I was having.

She explains to me that she is a retired Neuro Surgeon and in London to shop and meet up with her children who all live in and around London.

Then she talks to me about the brain and the powers of the mind, she is speaking all the words I need to hear,

I ask her if you can train your brain to be happy even if you are dying? (I had been diagnosed with incurable cancer) and had already had cancer before.. She told me you can – I really needed to hear that !! (oh I am fine too by the way)

In those few words came a great message to me.  Keep going with your Mindfulness and Meditation, keep allowing gratitude to be the focus of my life and let go of anguish and fear that really serve no purpose.

So looks are deceiving, a brilliant person can look like a numpty, a person who looks happy  can actually be sad. everyone has their story, ours is not to judge, but to look for the good in people. Expect good, see good and good will appear (I hope)

The messages and inspirations that beautiful lady gave me were totally brilliant – I realised that I was more of a numpty than she has ever been.

*   Allow the answer to come to you – Expect wonderful things to happen and they will.

“When the student is ready the master appears”  A Zen Proverb – I was ready to hear those words and as if by magic the master appeared.

In essence I went into Pret a Manger with a heavy heart and after a conversation with a perceived Mad Woman, I left with renewed hope and a sense of immense knowing.

I was the mad woman,

…………………………………………………………………..and now I embrace the mad in me

Here’s an excerpt from the Mental Health Foundations web site -Gratitude for all those who help others with mental health issues

Meditation as Medicine for the Soul

 “The most reliable and immediately accessible way for you to recognize how you are feeling – and therefore in turn make a judgement call on how well equipped you are to manage the day – is to tune in to your body. Being mindful of your energy levels, stresses and strains and general well-being gives you an indication of what you are, or perhaps will not be, capable of facing. All it takes is some time to train your brain and get into the practice of using your body sensations to guide you. Meditation is the ideal tool.

Situations will be ever more mismanaged if you cannot approach them from a place of being resourced and maintaining a certain neutrality. In an ideal world we would all love to be able to maintain that sense of calm and objectivity – but we are not in control of our external environment. We can, however, have a certain measure of control over our internal environment. So, when we find ourselves about to 
fly off the handle we have to bring our awareness to the situation and recognize that we have choices. I’m the first to acknowledge how difficult it is to step back and slow things down when your heart and body are surging with stress hormones and adrenaline.

By learning to manage your neurotic impulses through applying what you learn through mindfulness training and letting the noise settle, you will eventually become increasingly open to stillness and silence. I find it amazing that my whole being now yearns for this, and without it I would find it impossible to remain relaxed and happy. Stillness and silence have become nourishing friends, and solitude a welcome retreat.”

This weeks Midweek Visitor from the North West http://www.southportvisiter.co.uk/news/health/mental-health-awareness-week-mindful-9238163

My next Meet up with amazing Empowering people is next week. Hope you can come.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015, 6:00 PM

Meeting Room 2, 4th Floor. William Brown Library
William Brown Library L3 8EW Liverpool, GB

10 Fellsters Attending


Check out this Meetup →

Thank you

Stay a little Mad – it makes us more fun

Give some time to yourself – So much love for you here 🙂


Positive Not perfect 🙂

To Blog or Not to Blog ……. That is the question…..

I’ve wondered about writing a blog for quite some time, but I really had no clue why or how to do it.

I am hoping to be interviewing some great people “the good the bad and the ugly” , well it’s all a matter of opinion and that’s what I am after, other people’s opinions, thoughts and inspirational snippets of brilliance.

So because of no interviewee, I will ramble on about a few things that flow here.  The title of the first blog is a question, and the thing is  why do we question ourselves so much?
Would we ever achieve anything if we listened to the negative self talk that our heads like to natter about?

Having confidence is what we need, think about what you want to do then have a go…. Hence me blogging this today. I have found the confidence and activated my energy to make a start.

Recruit people to help you, thanks to my son I have it all set up and ready to go.  Basically just Ask, and as if by magic you will get an answer.

This is where I am sitting today writing this. I’m in Pret a Manger in Newcastle city centre, the sun is suing and a saxophonist is playing some mellow vibes – 

Newcastle is a place I want to feel familiar with, because my beautiful daughter will be working and living here for a year from July.

If you have not been, it’s a fab place –  the streets are clean the shops are a bit too nice and the natives seem very friendly.

I’m proud of being from Liverpool, strangely I am feeling an affinity with the Newcastle folk. I love the accent and everyone has impeccable manners. 

I was raised with good manners and love to hear the T word, THANKYOU –   I use this word so much now,  looking for things to be grateful for – as I strongly believe that “Gratitude is the Attitude ” and when you start to appreciate what you have you realise you have more than you think.

So what do you have to be Thankful for?  If nothing else … This new Blog (ha ha) now that’s a bit desperate, but I will try to give you a giggle or something else to inspire you to a better feeling place.

http://goinswriter.com/thankful/.    Here’s someone else’s ideas on how and why to be thankful.

As I don’t want to bore you or over face you with this first attempt, I will wind  up with these words

My family are the people I am the most thankful for.  They have stood by me through 3 diagnosis of the horrid disease Cancer and have been more than rocks – boulders or even mountains – so the Big T word to you guys

It may take me a few days or so to get an interview but I will try my best. Watch out – it could be you !!!!!!!
Until then THANKYOU all for reading this and I know my Blogging skills will improve as I learn new tricks
I have just spent the last hour talking to a very nice chap …… So I actually did get to meet someone inspirational who taught me about Llama wool and where to go in Newcastle – where to get great fish and chips and we had a great chat about seeing life through the eye of a camera lens …. focus on the small stuff and the beautiful detail … Nice advice – here he is …

pic Martin Dunne photographer 

YES …… Do your proverbial BLOG